William Wilder represents former Northwest Airlines flight attendants in seniority integration proceeding with flight attendants of Delta Air Lines.

Bill Wilder recently completed representation of the former flight attendants of Northwest Airlines, Inc. in their seniority integration proceeding with the Delta Air Lines flight attendants under the McCaskill-Bond seniority integration statute.  It was the first proceeding under the statute involving a nonunion employee group (the flight attendants of Delta are not represented by the union.)  Bill also was invovled in the only other seniority integration proceeding under the McCaskill-Bond statute; representing the pilots of Republic Airways in their seniority integration proceeding with the pilots of Frontier Airlines, Lynx Aviation and Midwest Airlines.

The "McCaskill-Bond amendment" was adopted by Congress in 2007 to require that the dispute resolution procedures established by the former Civil Aeronautics Board (known by the shorthand "Allegheny-Mohawk Sections 3 and 13") must be followed to combine employee groups whose airlines enter a merger.  The 2007 law is identical to the "Airline Worker Fairness Act" introduced by Senator Christopher Bond in 2001.  Bill Wilder wrote that legislation for introduction by Sen. Bond on behalf of former TWA employees.  Roland Wilder and Bill Wilder represented the former TWA pilots in their seniority dispute with American pilots following the 2001 acquisition of TWA by American Airlines.

The Northwest flight attendants and Delta flight attendants successfully reached an agreement for combining the seniority lists for their two groups.  Delta formally implemented the negotiated seniority list on May 1, 2012.