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United warns pilots after cockpit errors

RLA Blog Home The Wall Street Journal reported recently on a bluntly worded memorandum by United Air Lines to its pilots concerning crewmember interaction in the cockpit.  It repo… http://www.bapwild.com/blog/united-warns-pilots-after-cockpit-errors/

Sun Country Airlines pilots vote to strike

RLA Blog Home Frustrated by lack of progress in their nearly three-years of federally-mediated contract negotiations, the pilots of Sun Country Airlines, represented by ALPA, vote… http://www.bapwild.com/blog/sun-country-airlines-pilots-vote-to-strike/

Allegiant Air pilots authorize strike

RLA Blog Home Frustrated by their airline's failure to conclude a pilot contract, the pilots of Allegiant Air, represented by the Teamsters, voted overwhelmingly to authorize a st… http://www.bapwild.com/blog/allegiant-air-pilots-authorize-strike/

American Airlines pilots to vote on contract vote

RLA Blog Home The Allied Pilots Association announced it will conduct a ratification vote among the pilots of American Airlines on the final contract offer by the company. The APA… http://www.bapwild.com/blog/american-airlines-pilots-to-vote-on-contract-vote/

American pilots union approves strike vote

RLA Blog Home Following the rejection of a tentative agreement with American management by the airline's pilots, the governing board of the Allied Pilots Association, the union rep… http://www.bapwild.com/blog/american-pilots-union-approves-strike-vote/

Bankruptcy judge denies American's request to reject pilot contract

RLA Blog Home US Bankruptcy Judge Sean Lane in New York yesterday denied American's request to reject its pilots' collective bargaining agreement.  The decision hinged on the judge… http://www.bapwild.com/blog/bankruptcy-judge-denies-americans-request-to-reject-pilot-contract/

Delta pilot approve new contract

RLA Blog Home Delta Air Lines' pilots ratified a new collective bargaining agreement today.  The hallmark of the contract empahsized by the Air Line Pilot Association unit at Delta… http://www.bapwild.com/blog/delta-pilot-approve-new-contract/