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NMB nominees confirmed to be sworn in

President Trump's nominees to serve on the National Mediation Board, Republicans Gerald (Trey) Fauth and Kyle Fortson, along with eight-year NMB member Democrat Linda Pucala, were confirmed on November 2, 2017. They are now scheduled to be sworn in and as…
RLA Blog Home The National Mediation Board announced that two new members had been sworn in following their Senate confirmations.  Gerald W. Fauth and Kyle Fortson were confirmed … http://www.bapwild.com/blog/nmb-nominees-confirmed-to-be-sworn-in/

Former NMB Member Frank Duggan dies

RLA Blog Home Former NMB member Frank Duggan, a Republican who served under Presidents Clinton and Bush, died this past week of cancer.  He was 79,  In addition to his work on the… http://www.bapwild.com/blog/former-nmb-member-frank-duggan-dies/

President Trump announces further NMB nominees

RLA Blog Home The White House has announced the President's further nominees to the National Mediation Board.  Trey Fauth is a longtime labor economist in the rail industry and wa… http://www.bapwild.com/blog/president-trump-announces-further-nmb-nominees/

President Trump nominates Senate Labor Committee policy director to be a member of the National Mediation Board

President Trump this week nominated Kyle Forston, labor policy director for the U.S. Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee, to be a member of the National Mediation… http://www.bapwild.com/blog/president-trump-nominates-senate-labor-committee-policy-director-to-be-a-member-of-the-national-mediation-board/

The NMB reestablishes reasonable and practical limits on RLA jurisdiction over airline contractors

RLA Blog Home The Chicago federal court’s rejection of AirServ’s injunction shows that the NMB’s more recent jurisprudence on RLA jurisdiction over airport contractors’ is being a… http://www.bapwild.com/blog/the-nmb-reestablishes-reasonable-and-practical-limits-on-rla-jurisdiction-over-airline-contractors/

Allegiant Air pilots to vote on joining Teamsters Union

RLA Blog Home The National Mediation Board announced this week that it will conduct a union representation election among the pilots of Allegiant Air, a low-cost carrier focuses on… http://www.bapwild.com/blog/allegiant-air-pilots-to-vote-on-joining-teamsters-union/

Hoglander assumes chairmanship of NMB

RLA Blog Home The National Medidation Board announced today that member Harry Hoglander had assumed the chairmanship of the Board effective July 1.  The members of the NMB traditio… http://www.bapwild.com/blog/hoglander-assumes-chairmanship-of-nmb/